Recently Rehired WWE Producer Pat Buck Reveals That He Was Fired Not Furloughed In April

Recently rehired WWE producer Pat Buck revealed on his podcast that he was not furloughed from the company like it was believed most of the producers were, but instead, he was fired. He attributes this to being a relatively new hire to the company.

“I gotta go back in time just to kind of catch you all up, and I think you’ll bear with me on this story,” Buck began. “April 15th. You know, I was released from WWE. I was not furloughed. You know, a lot of people put out that the producers were furloughed. I don’t exactly know anyone else’s business. And it’s not my business. But for myself, I was released. I was newer with the company, you know, outside of me. And, you know, I think Lance Storm was the only one that came after me. And then MVP, who is now main-eventing RAW and doing all sorts of cool stuff. But I was newer with the company, you know, less than a year. Cuts happened, understandably, we’re sitting at home for a while and, you know, I kind of expected that, to be honest with you. It’s unfortunate. Upsetting. But, hey, no one’s experienced something like COVID crisis, you know, ever.”

Pat Buck would say he made plans to continue being active in wrestling and keep his name out there to keep the buzz going on his name but the call to return to WWE would ultimately come sooner than he thought.

“Then the phone call happens, you know. I got asked to go back and, you know, after thinking about things, I went back and I’m happy to be back now. I’m full throttle in the mix doing essentially what I did when I left, but at a much more accelerated level, meaning there is less time to get things done. There is more responsibility. There’s, you know, a lot of, [being] thrown into the fire. But it’s a good fire. And it’s something that every week you adapt more or more, you learn more and more. But then you realize how to get better at your position. So I’m happy to be back with WWE and seeing all the crew and especially the producer crew who are terrific people. It’s interesting, but I think it was definitely was the right call. It really was. So I do have, some ambitions that to that I kind of want to step into and some regard [his podcast] and some just regard me personally.”

There are also many wrestlers who were released on April 15th, 2020. For them, their non-compete clause expires this coming Saturday, July 18th.

Should you use any portion of the quotes above, transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.