AEW Fight For The Fallen 2020 Results (7/15/20)

AEW TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes vs. Sonny Kiss

Cody Rhodes very much played the heel. Cody was far more aggressive than normal and enjoyed showing off a little bit even forcing Arn Anderson to tell him to get his head out of his ass. Sonny, who was absolutely made to look like a star tonight was also uncharacteristically aggressive. Kiss would score a two-count on a 450 Splash and Axes-And-OHs! Cody would consider using an exposed turnbuckle but would not need to as he would get the win off of the CrossRhodes. Cody would hug a very emotional Sonny after the match and allow Sonny to garner the spotlight.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes.

The announce team, which has Taz replacing Tony Schiavone because Tony is waiting for his COVID-19 test results, would run down the card.

FTR vs. Lucha Bros

Lots of high flying back and forth action Dax and Cash try to compete in a Tit for Tat game with the Lucha Brothers. Luchas block the Powerplex, action spills to the floor. Pair of topes lead the action to the ring. Dax and Fenix exchange holds. Dax gets the W by unmasking Fenix and utilizing a small package.


After the match, the Young Bucks help FTR get their truck back. Kenny Omega arrives and offers the team a beer but they dump it on Kenny’s head instead.

Chris Jericho literally cuts a promo about the ratings demographics and then orange Cassidy comes out and surprises Jericho by dumping orange juice from the ceiling all over him.

A vignette play as of Jurassic Express laughing at Chris Jericho’s misfortune. Up next, they face the elite.

The Elite vs. Jurassic Express Jurassic Express.

A match that personified the typical Young Buck chaos. Everybody got their moments to shine including Jungle Boy and Saurus getting it to count off of the extinction event. there was some unique tandem offense where Marko was used and catapult maneuvers. In the end, Kenny Omega showed more of his villainous side nailing Stunt with two vicious knee strikes and a One-Winged Angel. Afterwards, Kenny continues to beat on Marko had to be pulled off by his friends.

Mox promo.

The Nightmare Sisters in action.

Throughout the match, both women tried to outdo each other even though they were Partners, Allie would end up winning for the team with the eye of the hurricane.

Nyla Rose introduces her new manager, Vickie Guerrero.

AEW World Title: Jon Moxley vs Brian Cage

Much like the promo he cut earlier, Jon Moxley went directly for the arm of Brian Cage, Cage would do a lot in terms of powering the champion, but Mox continues to stay one step ahead by working on the arm.

Paradigm Shift only got a count of two for the champion can you continue to work on the arm and kept Cage in a variant of an armbar before Taz would throw in the towel.

After, Cage word jump the champion with his own championship before Darby Allin returned and attacked him with a skateboard.


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