The Bella Twins On Potential Breakout Stars, Naomi Wants To Fight Lacey Evans

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The Bella Twins On Potential Breakout Stars

The Bella Twins make an appearance on a special edition of WWE’s The Bump, in which several guests celebrated Women’s Evolution Week. Brie and Nikki Bella discussed several topics, including which current superstars they see as potential breakouts:

Nikki: “Well, someone who always comes to mind first is Bianca Belair, I mean she, to me, what, her athletic ability and her in-ring ability is just amazing, I love watching her work. But then she has this look, and when she does her entrance, she just captivates you, like you’re in awe of her, and she’s a star. I mean, what she has, you can’t buy. She was born with it. So I just see massive things for her, which already are starting.”

Brie: “Someone for me that I’m a little bummed about because I felt like they were on their way to, like, a title run, and I’m hoping for that in the future, is Liv Morgan. I mean, I don’t know, but she got me, and when I watch her, I’m like, not only does she, she’s stunning to look at, she has sex appeal, but she’s different in the ring than anyone else right now on the roster. And so I think she needs a title run, so I wanna see that.”

Nikki: “Honestly, I know we’ve seen a lot of her, but I don’t think we’ve ever used her to her full potential, is Sasha Banks. I think we always get her at her best a little bit, but what Becky and Charlotte have done, I know we could get out of Sasha. And I think there’s so much more of Sasha Banks that we can use in the women’s division, and Sasha, to me, has always had it, and she’s someone who I can see crossing over to mainstream, I just see a lot with her.”

The full episode is available below:

Naomi Wants To Fight Lacey Evans

Naomi also appeared on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump. She discussed what happened last week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, when Lacey Evans attacked her. Naomi also reflected on facing Bayley at WWE Super ShowDown:

On Lacey Evans’ attack on SmackDown:

Naomi: “She tried me, that was straight disrespect. I thought we had more respect for each other than that, but you gotta come at me from behind like that because you mad that I won the contest? Like, come on. I deserve a little more respect than that, so at that point, she gotta see me. Every time she see me, it going down on site. Until I get an apology, and until she get her mind right, we gonna scrap every time she see me.”

On facing Bayley at Super ShowDown:

Naomi: “It’s definitely up there with those ‘Mania moments that I had. It was really surreal being able to go against Bayley, which was always a dream of mine, being able to work with any of the Four Horsewomen, it’s always a delight. I think the four of them are truly amazing, yeah. I hope that isn’t the end. She think I forgot, but she still owes me a rematch, so yeah.”

The full episode is available below:

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