Keith Lee On Being The Moment Maker, Being Ready For Anything

Credit: WWE

NXT Champion Keith Lee recently spoke with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report and reflected on his championship victor at WWE NXT The Great American Bash. Lee described various aspects of the historic moment, from an brief discussion with Adam Cole to his thoughts on a potential move to WWE RAW or WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

First, Lee looked back on an untelevised moment with Cole after Lee won their match on the historic episode of NXT. “‘I look down [after the match] and I see him still in the corner,'” said Lee via Matthews. “‘That guy is awesome. In that moment, I had to tell him that he gained a new level of respect from me. I shook his hand and that was the first conversation I had.'”

Lee also shared his thoughts on potentially getting called up to the “main roster,” and said he’s not sure what to expect. “‘It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen because you can’t just predict the future,'” said Lee via Matthews. “‘My thought process, my belief, is to try to be as ready as I can for whatever circumstance occurs.'”

Finally, the NXT Champion offered his opinion on the “Moment Maker” moniker he’s gained. “‘I didn’t create it, but somebody else started calling me a moment-maker and I just ran with it,” said Lee via Matthews. “‘I think my duty is to continue making those moments in whatever capacity that’s going to be and I’m hopeful that continues to be in high-caliber matches because that’s what I love.'”

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