IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/14/20)

XXXL vs. The Deaners

Larry and Jake battle to a stalemate. Neither can get the advantage. Jake sends Larry into the corner. Jake whips Cody into Larry’s gut. Jake spears Larry int he corner. Jake slams Cody on top of Larry. Larry tags in Romero, who clubs Cody into the mat. Romero runs over Cody. Jake breaks up the pin. Jake charges in but Romero pounces him into next week. Larry powerbombs Cody. Cody isn’t the legal man. Jake rolls Larry into a crucifix pin for the win. 

Winners- The Deaners

After the match, Romero and Larry attack Cody and Jake. Larry and Romero hit Demolition Decapitation on Jake. 


Backstage, Johnny Swinger overhears Chris Bey telling someone that he is working… or finessing Swinger. Swinger tells Bey that the office won’t budge on him being barred fro ringside during Bey’s title match. Swinger tells Bey he is on his own.

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