IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/14/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results IMPACT Wrestling Results

July 14, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie w/John E. Bravo, Keira Hogan, Tasha Steelz, Kimber Lee vs. Havok, Neveah, Alisha Edwards, Susie, and Kylie Rae

Neveah immediately tackles Tasha Steelz. Havok and Neveah double team Steelz. Havok tosses Steelz into the corner and tells her to tag out. Hogan tags in and gets run over by Havok. Havok wants Valkyrie in the ring. Valkyrie gets in the ring and eats a big boot. Outside the ring, Neveah clotheslines Hogan and Steelz. Susie says that’s bad and hits a dive off the apron. Edwards tells Havok to throw her, which Havok does. 

Edwards flattens everyone. Suicide dive by Havok. The heels isolate Rae. The heels take turns tagging in and working over Rae. After the break, Rae manages to tag in Susie, who is a house of fire until Lee catches her with a boot. Lee goes up top but Susie blasts her with a palm strike. Walk up ranna by Susie. Everyone hits a big move. Rae superkicks Lee. Susie picks up Lee in an airplane spin. Susie hits Su Yung’s panic switch for the win. 

Winners- Havok, Neveah, Alisha, Susie, and Kylie Rae

After the match, Susie twitches and paws at her hair. Susie just channeled her alter-ego Su Yung. Valkyrie attacks Susie. A brawl breaks out between all of the combatants. 

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