Diamond Dallas Page Says He Had COVID-19 Symptoms, Claims QT Marshall Tested Positive For The Virus

Diamond Dallas Page says he didn’t test positive for COVID-19 but he experienced symptoms of the virus and hopes he can help others.

DDP posted a new video on his YouTube channel and talked about his family’s experience, explaining that he found out he was with someone who had the virus and he immediately went to get tested, and the test came back negative so he assumed things were OK. DDP says he traveled to visit family and explained that his daughters ended up going to a bridal shower where they weren’t wearing any masks, and a few days after that is when he started showing symptoms.

DDP says there was some uncertainty but once the symptoms finally hit him it was so painful and went on for days. According to DDP, he experienced feeling weak, raspy voice and back pain, and his daughter also had those symptoms in addition to a high fever and restlessness. DDP says his doctor believed that he had the virus before a negative test could come back and initially thought the test was a mistake.

DDP went on to reveal that QT Marshall told him he tested positive for the virus, adding that COVID-19 came on so fast that people don’t know how to handle it.

“I call up QT, who is one of the wrestlers for AEW, because he had left me a message and I heard he had COVID. He tells me 20 days ago he was tested, he’s got COVID. He had three days of symptoms—nothing after that. His wife, Caroline, she came back negative. She’s had one symptom after another from throwing up to freezing to everything, and she’s negative. He got another test today and it says that he’s still positive. It’s crazy that the information, this came on to the world so fast that they don’t know what they’re doing.”

DDP says he wants to get back to a normal life but people still need to be cautious and do things in a safe way. He says the population can beat it, but it kicked his ass for two weeks and he hopes that people wear a mask and act cautiously.

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Marshall was pulled from the June 24 AEW Dynamite TV tapings as a “precautionary measure” after Tony Khan announced that QT had “brief contact with a non-wrestling acquaintance who since tested positive for COVID-19.” Rather than risk the safety of AEW’s talent roster, the decision was made for QT to get his own test at home, necessitating a change to tonight’s AEW Dynamite lineup. The Natural Nightmares versus FTR was initially set for that show, but it was changed to feature SCU after Marshall’s status was announced.