Charlotte Flair States Cosmetic Surgery Is The Cause Of Her Absence From WWE

charlotte flair

Photo by Aalok Soni/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Charlotte Flair recently took to Twitter to explain why she’s taking some time away from WWE. In a series of Tweets, Flair described her struggles with a silicone infection. Flair explained how, in 2018, a leak in one of her implants caused a severe case of silicone poisoning. Though that’s not the cause of Flair’s current absence, Flair said she’s having cosmetic surgery to fix an issue caused by a previous procedure. “This time, I’m going with an option that I believe will fix the issue [for a] long time, even though the recovery time is a little longer than I would like,” wrote Flair.

Flair explained that she wanted to clear the air about her history with the silicone poisoning.

Flair vowed to come back better than ever.

Lastly, Flair said that body shaming has to stop.

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