Matt Hardy: Jeff Hardy’s Current Storyline Adds Unneeded Pressure, Johnny Gargano On Staying In NXT

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Matt Hardy: Jeff Hardy’s Current Storyline Adds Unneeded Pressure

Jeff Hardy’s current feud with Sheamus has been a source of controversy because it has incorporated Hardy’s history with addiction. Matt Hardy responded to a fan’s tweet and agreed with their concerns about the storyline. Matt first pointed out how All Elite Wrestling has allowed him to craft his own persona with the company. He then echoed the common concerns about the feud’s usage of Jeff’s struggles with addiction. “I have those same concerns about the unneeded pressure on my brother,” wrote Hardy.

In another Tweet, Hardy elaborated by praising Jeff’s in-ring work. He also emphasized that his concerns were merely his opinion. “Ultimately, whatever he does it his decision & his alone,” wrote Matt. “My take on his current story is merely *my opinion*, which doesn’t make it right or wrong.”

Johnny Gargano On Staying In NXT

In the past, Johnny Gargano repeatedly made headlines when stated that he doesn’t want to leave NXT and move to WWE RAW or WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Gargano recently took to Twitter to debunk the rumors that he’s too “scared” to leave NXT; in a Tweet, he explained why he enjoys wrestling in NXT. “I get to work side by side with my Wife and guys I’ve traveled the world with for years,” wrote Gargano. “I have a great relationship with everyone in the office, get to WRESTLE and help a product I truly believe in. That’s my definition of ‘success'”.

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