Rusev Announces He Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT

Miroslav Barnyashev, formerly known as WWE superstar Rusev, confirmed that he has COVID-19. He shared the news during a livestream on his Twitch channel:

“I am absolutely positive for COVID-19. I am absolutely, 100 percent, super mega incredibly positive. Yes. I got a phone call from the doctor. I got a random call from a number, and I answered and she’s like, ‘Is this,’ and then she tried to pronounce my name about six times. None of them were successful, but finally I agreed that this is definitely me that she’s trying to say and she say, ‘Hey, you’re in the contact.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ I had my test result that said that I’m not and she goes, ‘Wait, what?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I got the test result here and it says I don’t have it, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ And then I tried to convince her, you know how we tried to discuss the whole detected and not detected. The not detected is 0-1, I guess that means nothing. I guess just underneath the result it says detected, so I guess they won.”

“I feel great. I kinda knew that with the whole smell and taste situation and now this just confirms it.”

Barnyashev also discussed the news in a YouTube video. He discussed some initial confusion over whether he tested positive and the phone call that informed him of his positive diagnosis. “I was already very miserable when I had no taste or no smell,” said Barnyashev. “It’s one of the worst times in my life because I love food.”

Barnyashev’s wife, Lana, has confirmed that her parents have tested positive for COVID-19, too.

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