Eddie Edwards On Slammiversary, His IMPACT Wrestling Tenure

eddie edwards

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Eddie Edwards recently spoke with Darren Paltrowitz of Sportskeeda and discussed several topics, including his upcoming IMPACT World Championship match at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary XVIII. Here are some highlights:

On being in the main event of Slammiversary:

Edwards: “You know, it’s obviously a little added pressure, really, for myself. Whether I’m the opening match or midcard or the main event, I have the same goal, you know, I think everybody in IMPACT does, wrestlers I think everywhere do, to go out there and steal the show, win, have a great match, you know, and go out and celebrate that night. But being that it is the main event of Slammiversary, which is our biggest pay-per-view of the year and especially this year, you know, it’s like a rebirth, a restart almost for IMPACT. There’s been a lot of moving parts, so I feel that, you know, this main event, this pay-per-view, there’s a lot of eyes on us, for good reason, there’s a lot of eyes, so we have to go out there and deliver and, you know, being the main event of that show, you better go out there and do it because, if not, it’s on us to deliver and show people what we got and what we can do, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.”

On the IMPACT Wrestling locker room:

Edwards: “I’ve said it before, you know, it is cliche in the world of wrestling and probably in sports and stuff, you know, we’re like a family and stuff like that. you know, but along those lines, yes, I feel that we are. Is everybody best friends? No, but everybody is there for IMPACT, everybody wants IMPACT to succeed, and we do that by supporting each other and trying to help each other, like it’s never a negative thing. It’s, somebody sees something they didn’t think was right or they shouldn’t have done ,you know, we’ll talk to each other about it, and that’s how people grow as performers and as people, so we’re there to support each other with the good and the bad,. And I think we very are much like a family out there.”

On working with future stars:

Edwards: “I think it was my time in ROH and then once I got to IMPACT, it was like a lot of the guys I had worked with, you know, whether it be the indies or in Ring Of Honor before or at IMPACT, those guys, we were slowly becoming the stars, you know what I mean, and then, all of the sudden, it’s a lot of my friends, like you said, guys that I had worked with like we were all main eventing the shows and, at that point, it’s like, this is pretty sweet, it just kinda happened, not out of nowhere but when you look back, it’s like, wow it did just, all of a sudden it was like, you guys are the guys, we’re the guys, this is our generation and now there’s a new crop of guys coming up behind us.”

The full video is available below:

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