Tyson Kidd Celebrates 40th Birthday, Watch Him & Cesaro Face The New Day

(Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage)

Tyson Kidd Celebrates 40th Birthday

Saturday was former WWE superstar Tyson Kidd’s 40th birthday, and he celebrated in style, with a surprise birthday celebration thrown by Natalya, his wife. In the video below, Natalya organized a handful of special messages from those in Kidd’s life, and it seemed like the surprise worked as intended.

Watch Kidd & Cesaro Face The New Day

With Kidd celebrating his birthday today, WWE took to YouTube to share the full match between Kidd & Cesaro and The New Day, when the duos went at it for the WWE Tag Team Championships at the 2015 edition of WWE Extreme Rules. Check out the full match below to relive The New Day capturing their first titles.