Ken Resnick On Jim Duggan’s Success, Interviewing Iron Sheik, More

Jim Duggan

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Ken Resnick hosts Wrestling with History on VOC Nation every Wednesday night at 930pm ET and this week he discussed how difficult it was to interview Iron Sheik, how Jim Duggan’s patriotism led to huge success, and other patriotic wrestlers that he enjoyed working with. Check out the highlights below.

On why Jim Duggan was so successful for so long:

We kind of developed an immediate rapport. He knew I had worked out of college with the justice department for about 3 and a half years, and his dad was actually the sheriff in Glen Falls, NY so we had a little law enforcement tie in. I was so thrilled I got to see Jim Duggan last year in Charlotte at (The Gathering). Jim is still active and still working, and boy you talk about a testament to longevity. It really wasn’t a gimmick, that is who Jim Duggan actually is as a person. That’s a testament to his staying power.

On trying to interview Iron Sheik:

I had an understanding that almost always I would start with Nikolai and then go to the Iron Sheik. I had an understanding that if the Iron Sheik started going off ranting, Nikolai knew just because he had started that if Iron Sheik went off I was immediately going back to him so he was always in tune throughout the entire interview. Nikolai was great and in those interviews he also served as my safety net.

On Bob Backlund being known for unorthodox behavior:

I worked with Bob at a show up in Winnipeg, and I think he came in a couple of times when I was with WWF. I think at times he can be (unorthodox), that would be accurate. I guess in his defense, he’s taken a fair amount of chair shots to the head, so you might be able to explain it away.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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