WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (7/10/20)

Friday Night Smackdown ResultsWWE Friday Night SmackDown Results

July 10, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Miz TV

Miz and Morrison make fun of Jeff Hardy. Hardy joins them in the ring. Miz apologizes for what Morrison said about him. Miz says he knows that Hardy has a clip he wanted them to show. Hardy says he has no idea what he is talking about. Miz shows a highlight reel that highlights Hardy’s recent failures. Miz and Morrison make fun of Hardy for being a loser. Miz says Hardy is his daughter’s favorite wrestler. Miz says he doesn’t want his daughter to put faith in someone who is going to self-destruct again. Hardy asks if they are done. Morrison asks Hardy if he is ok. Hardy says he is fine and it’s going to take more than taunts from Sheamus to make him fall again.

Miz suggests that Hardy have a rematch with Sheamus in a bar fight… you know, since that’s the place Hardy is most comfortable. Hardy asks if Sheamus out them up to this. Hardy says he is never going back to where he was. Hardy is going to beat Sheamus in a bar fight. Hardy promises to never let us down again. Hardy asks Miz to tell Sheamus he accepts. Hardy wants a match with Miz or Morrison tonight. Hardy attacks Morrison and Miz. Hardy clotheslines Morrison over the top while Miz escapes.

The Miz w/ Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy

Miz trips Hardy on the apron. Miz kicks Hardy in the ribs. Miz focuses his assault on Hardy’s midsection. Miz telegraphs a back body drop. Hardy fires up but runs into a knee by Miz. Miz blasts Hardy with a running boot. Miz tries a springboard. Hardy kicks Miz while he sails through the air. Hardy lands the Twist of Fury. Hardy goes up top. Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring. Hardy dives off the top to the outside onto Miz and Morrison. After the break, Morrison pulls Hardy off the apron.

Miz sends Hardy into the barricade. Miz kicks Hardy in the corner before crushing him with a clothesline in the corner. Hardy counters another springboard by Miz. Miz counters Hardy’s Twist of Fate attempt with a DDT. Miz lands the it kicks. Hardy kicks out. Hardy surprises Miz with a jawbreaker. Hardy lands the Hardy flurry. Miz kicks out of Hardy’s splash attempt. Sheamus appears on the screen and says he is having a pint for Hardy. Miz rolls up Hardy. Hardy reverses Miz’s roll up with one of his own for the win.

Winner- Jeff Hardy



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