Stu Bennett: Pro Wrestling Would Be Better Off With More Guys Like Baron Corbin

Stu Bennett says Baron Corbin is a good guy and a legitimate athlete and the world of pro wrestling would be better off with more like him.

Bennett recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard and was asked about following along with televised wrestling. Bennett gave some “bad news” when he said he didn’t follow it too closely since there’s so much to try and track but did say he keeps in touch with friends like Drew McIntyre where he’s not too far behind on things.

Bennett is a former King Of The Ring winner, a title currently held by Baron Corbin. Bennett says he hasn’t seen too much of the “King” character in its current form, but he’s a big fan of Corbin the man and explained how they knew each other. He explained that Corbin came to him for advice when he was first breaking in and they’ve kept in touch, and he’d like to see more athletic and determined guys like Corbin involved in wrestling.

“You know, I’ve known Corbin for six or seven years I guess. I remember meeting him in a gym in Florida once and he was pretty new at that point, he was coming in from the NFL. He asked me for a bit of advice on working as a bigger guy and some problems he was having as he was learning. I’ve had him on my radar for a long time. I think he’s fantastic, I truly do. I haven’t seen much of the ‘King’ character that he’s portraying but him as a performer, he’s legitimate, he’s big, he’s athletic, he could kick everyone in the audience’s ass and I think the world of pro wrestling would be better off with more Baron Corbin types in there in general.”

Bennett said that it goes without saying, but the ‘King’ character is only going to be as good as the writing behind it. He believes King Corbin will be a success with good writing, something that he felt like he didn’t have when he was still reigning over WWE.

“If it’s treated like an afterthought it’s going to struggle, and I think that was my issue when I was King Barrett. I feel like the creative side was lacking.”

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