AEW Locker Room Wasn’t Thrilled After FTR’s Cornette Podcast Appearance

On Monday’s edition of Busted Open Radio, FTR revealed that they didn’t make many friends by agreeing to guest on Jim Cornette’s podcast. Dax clarified that the pair did clear everything with AEW head honcho Tony Khan, but no one else knew about it until it hit the Internet.

Man when we got to TV, the next day after that podcast aired, we were the biggest heels in the locker room. Everyone, even our buddy MJF, everyone was so pissed off with us because they thought we went rogue and went on Cornette’s podcast to bury The Young Bucks and AEW. We were not a very well-liked pair in the locker room that day.

Dax continued that the fact that the two former WWE stars weren’t initially welcome in AEW was a true shoot. The younger guys in AEW trying to make a name for themselves saw people who have already been on TV come in to “take their spot,” which is something Dax and Cash were prepared for. He also thinks that their old school sensibility could clash with a few of the wrestlers who came up from the wilder independent scene.

I think it’s because of our attitude towards the business, our attitude towards professional wrestling and tag team wrestling, and the rules and things like that. So, the backstage vibe at first was kind of tense and that’s okay with us. We thrive on that, we enjoy that. We enjoy the competitiveness of professional wrestling. If we’re all friends and we’re all trying to help each other out, at the end of the day, no one gets ahead.

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