Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Battle Packs 66 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at Mattel WWE Battle Packs 66 featuring:

  • Undertaker & Roman Reigns
  • Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch
  • Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon

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the undertaker

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Packaging

This set features the latest style packaging for 2020, the red and white color scheme with the names and photos of the featured wrestlers on the front. You can see images of the others in the set on the back as well as info about the wrestlers featured in that specific 2-pack, such as what moment it’s based on.

Undertaker & Roman Reigns

This set is based on when Undertaker and Roman Reigns teamed up to face Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon at WWE Extreme Rules. Undertaker features an outfit we’ve yet to see him in, figure wise I should say, while Roman comes in his typical tactical gear. They also come with an Extreme Rules PPV chair, which is awesome if you enjoy collecting the different PPV chairs Mattel makes.

Undertaker features his latest tongue out head scan with his eyes rolled back and hair down. His tattoo work covers his arms and neck area, which is highly detailed at that. He has a painted on sleeveless shirt as well as an elbow pad and his gloves. He also has black pants and his boots, which I believe are ball-jointed at the ankle.

Roman on the other hand is pretty much the same figure of him we’ve gotten, this vest being black and silver highlights. He has his smug head scan, which looks great I must say, as well as his crazy detailed Samoan tattoo on his right arm followed by his detailed wrist gauntlets and his black pants/boots.

Overall, this set is pretty good. It’s nice to have an Undertaker in an outfit we’ve yet to have him in. My main complaint with him though is that his feet don’t pose well, making him a little difficult to stand. Be patient when posing him. Roman and the chair on the other hand are well done.

Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

This set features the latest power couple in WWE, Becky and Rollins. They come with Becky’s RAW Women’s title and this set is also based on their Extreme Rules match.

Rollins is in his X-men themed gear with his latest head scan, which is a decent scan at that. He has his tattoos down his back followed by his wristbands and his black/yellow tights/knee pads and boots.

Becky features a new head scan with her hair pulled back and the likeness is excellent. Mattel has had a tough time with a lot of her figures, but this one looks great. Her outfit is pretty detailed too. You can see all the detail on her chest, down her sides and even on her wristbands. Her legs are covered in netting designs, which look great, too. Plus she has her detailed black/yellow knee pads and her kick pads. The RAW Women’s title is nice, too, but it is a dull plastic than the shiny plastic, which some collectors may honestly prefer.

Overall, not a bad set. It’s really worth it alone for Becky honestly. Her figure is really nice and the head scan is the best part. The detail in her hair and the overall likeness is excellent. Rollins is just another typical Rollins, but can you really have enough of him with all the different attires? Don’t sleep on this one as Becky is great and makes for a great head swap with her latest Ultimate figure.

Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon

Lastly, we have the other half of the Undertaker & Roman match with Drew & Shane. They come with a trash can lid, which is a nice little accessory, but having the whole trash can to go with it would’ve been better in my opinion.

Drew looks like his other Basic-style figures. Not the most exciting figure, but his look is very simple. He has one of his few head scans Mattel has released so far, which does look just like him. You can see his black wrist bands, black trunks with his McIntyre logos on the front and back, as well as his open back small knee pads and his black boots.

Shane is the gem of this 2-pack in my opinion. He features his peppered hair color, which probably could be a little more gray, but I like the detail of it regardless. I’m glad Mattel went all out with his hair than making it a flat color. He’s wearing his black jersey with the “Shane O’Mac” logo on the front and “Best in the World Extreme Rules” logo on the back. His right sleeve even has a compass logo on it. He is also sporting his black pants and gym shoes.

Overall, Shane makes this set worth it in my opinion. Drew is a sleeper figure, but Shane is great. It’s too bad Shane wasn’t Elite as the jersey is really nicely done. I love all the logos and details on him in general, from his hair to his attire. If you like collecting figures of Shane I’d definitely recommend picking up this one.


Overall, this series isn’t too bad. It’s not the most exciting lineup of figures in my opinion, but there are some gems in the set. I really like the Becky and the Shane especially. The Undertaker is pretty good, too, minus his ankles. If you enjoy Basics I’d say pick up these 2-packs for those.

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