Adam Cole Opens Up About Kevin Owens’ Main Event Influence

Adam Cole

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tonight is one of Adam Cole’s biggest matches to date as he will be taking on North American Champion Keith Lee in a “Title vs. Title” match main event on NXT. Cole caught up with BT Sport before his big match airs and got to talk a little bit about his independent wrestling days, particularly his work with one Kevin Steen.

Cole made note of the one brush he and the currently called Kevin Owens had in NXT as they fought against one another in the War Games match, but attributed a lot of his ability to work a main event style due to sitting under the learning tree of fighter Steen.

“He played such a big part in me taking off on the independent scene. Kevin was a guy who took me under his wing in PWG which later on helped me out in Ring of Honor. He was a big, big aspect to me kind of understanding that independent, or just in general, that main event style and how to kind of perform and what to do and what to say. He’ll never, ever take credit for it because that’s just the type of guy that he is, but I always credit him as someone who really did help me and he’s a great friend. Except for that War Games thing. Made me angry.”

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