Keith Lee Previews Winner Take All Match At NXT Great American Bash

Keith Lee

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 07: Keith Lee of the USA fights Zack Sabre Jr of Great Britain during the Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 at Alexandra Palace on May 7, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Keith Lee appeared on this week’s episode of WWW’s The Bump. The NXT North American Champion discussed several topics, including his upcoming Winner Take All Match with Adam Cole. Here are some highlights:

On his mindset going into the Winner Take All Match:

Lee: “I think it’s fair to say that I have nerves before every match that I have, but it’s something that I’ve kind of mastered the art of taking one energy and using it for a better scenario. So this energy I will use later on when it’s actually time to go toe-to-toe with Mr. Cole, so yes, nerves but I feel good about it, I enjoy that.”

On how it would feel to dethrone Adam Cole:

Lee: “You’re talking about making pure history, and not only making history in the form of being a double champ, but being the first ever to do it with singles championships. So this opportunity is much bigger than most people can even consider at this point in time. It’s just, for all the times that I’ve just thought, ‘If I could just get an opportunity,’ in every sense, I’ve gotten an opportunity. I’ve taken each one and capitalized and capitalized and capitalized, but by the same token, in most cases, Mr. Cole has done the same thing. So you’re looking at two guys who don’t like to let opportunities pass, and it’s gonna be a clash to see who comes out on top, so I’m really looking forward to the competition behind that level of importance.”

On wanting to change the industry:

Lee: “I want to be as great as I can possibly be, and I wanna change this industry in ways that people haven’t even been able to possibly fathom yet. And that is a goal that I have. Will I reach it? None can say, no one’s a psychic here. But you better believe I’m gonna do my absolute best and give it my absolute all to do so.”

The full episode is available here”

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