Billy Gunn Didn’t Send Cease And Desist Order, New Statement Dismisses Defamatory Claims (Exclusive)

Billy Gunn

Photo Credit: Lee South

Billy Gunn might own the trademark to the term “The Gunn Show” but claims that he sent a cease and desist order to an independent wrestler over the phrase have been exaggerated.

Earlier today, it was reported that Billy had sent a cease and desist order to OVW wrestler Tony Gunn over his use of the phrase “The Gunn Show,” a trademark that Billy legally acquired in February. Former OVW wrestler Ted McNaler was on The Monday Locker Room show with Bin Hamin and claimed Tony recently received the order from Billy and was told to stop using it as a nickname, in promos and on wrestling gear and merchandise. Tony also appeared in a clip from the show (seen at this link) where he said that he had his wrestling identity stolen from him and that it pissed him off.

WrestleZone has since learned that an actual cease and desist order wasn’t actually issued to Tony, but Billy Gunn did reach out through a third party to ask that he refrain from using the trademarked phrase anymore.

Billy’s wife, Paula, issued the following statement to us explaining that they had reached out to Ohio Valley Wrestling to let them know of the new trademark. She said they were not trying to be rude about it but just wanted him to stop using it. It was also noted that they have spent a lot of time and money on securing several trademarks, and Tony should stop making defamatory remarks like the false cease and desist claim because it will result in real legal action.

“Has anyone seen the cease and desist order?? No! Because there isn’t one! He’s lying to EVERYONE.

We reached via text message to OVW, to let them know that we aren’t trying to be a$$holes but we trademarked “Gunn Show” and please let Tony know he can’t use it.

He’s upset that he can’t use it anymore, which is understandable. We have been going thru leaps and bounds to trademark The Gunn name and everything related to it, including Gunn Show. We’ve hired an attorney last year for our trademarks. We’ve spent thousands of dollars for our trademarks.

Billy has worked over 25 years using the Gunn name, professionally and on the Indy scene. Tony should have reached out to us and talked to us as a PROFESSIONAL, and we could have worked something out. Instead, he went to podcasts, social media and wrestling dirt sheets.

As a professional, whether it’s owning a business or a wrestling name, you have to protect yourself and your identity. If you’ve been around longer than 5 years in the wrestling business, you should know this!

If Tony doesn’t want an ACTUAL letter from our attorney, he will cease and desist the defamation of Billy!

We wish Tony all the best with his wrestling career!”

Billy Gunn recently filed trademarks on the terms “Sons Of A Gunn” and “Colten Gunn” last month and already owns trademarks on “Gunn Show” “Son of a Gunn,” “Gunn Club,” and others for use on merchandise and in a professional wrestling capacity.