The Elite Takes A Dig At NXT Spoiler On Latest BTE, Omega Gives FTR The ‘Benefit Of The Doubt’

The Elite Adam Page

Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

All Elite Wrestling may have lost the “ratings battle” this past week against NXT, but that’s not stopping The Elite from being on the offensive during the war.

Episode 211 of Being The Elite just released and during the 22 minute episode, a clip is cut to The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Adam Page taking a dig at NXT for what seems to be the spoiling of their main event between North American Champion Keith Lee and NXT Champion Adam Cole. Nick says, “We may have lost this week, but at least we didn’t put up a spoiler on Instagram Liiiive” as the four share in a laugh.” The clip then “cuts” and they question if that came across well. They agree to leave it be and then Kenny sees if Hangman wants to grab a drink. Page questions Omega’s deal after dumping out one of FTR’s beers on Wednesday and that leaves Kenny to address the matter, saying he’s willing to give them the “benefit of the doubt.”  Hangman is game for a meet up and then Omega leaves.

After that, The Bucks then try to have a discussion with Page who lays it on the line for Nick and Matt saying that he loves them, but he doesn’t like them and he doesn’t think they like him either.

Check out “Have A Good Summer” below. The big topics at hand begin at the 18:48 mark:

Matt & Nick visit with the cast members for individual updates. Merch Freak shows Broken Matt a magic trick. Hangman confronts Kenny about the emptied beer incident.

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