Matt Riddle Beats John Morrison, Learns That King Corbin Isn’t His Bro

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

Matt Riddle made his SmackDown debut a couple of weeks ago, and has already angered some of the established superstars on the roster. During tonight’s episode, Baron Corbin made his down to the ring during a segment with Riddle, and set in motion a match for Riddle to take on John Morrison.

After coming into the ring and telling Riddle that he didn’t appreciate how Riddle had attacked him during Corbin’s loss to Jeff Hardy last week, Corbin then summoned Morrison to the ring to try and take down Riddle. Unfortunately for Morrison and Corbin, Riddle came away with the win, avoiding interference from both Miz and Corbin to lock Morrison in a modified prawn clutch for the win. Following the win, Riddle began backing up the ramp, but was attacked from behind by AJ Styles, who had surprisingly lost to Riddle two weeks ago. Luckily for Riddle, Gulak – who is set to take on Styles tonight – came out to save the day, allowing Riddle to run off.

For more on how the match went, check out below:

Riddle kicks his flipflops at Corbin outside the ring. Riddle slams Morrison. Riddle and Morrisontrade submission attempts. Riddle almost locks in a kneebar, but Morrison gets to the ropes. Morrison slaps the heck out of Riddle. Riddle hits a few gut wrench suplexes. Morrison counters into a senton. Riddle pits Morrison in an ankle lock. Riddle attempts a German suplex but Morrison lands on his feet. Disaster Kick by Morrison. Riddle kicks out. Corkscrew crossbody by Morrison. Riddle kicks out. Running knee strike by Morrison. Riddle kicks out again. Morrison is visibly frustrated. Morrison kicks Riddle in the chest. Riddle begs for more. Morrison pokes Riddle in the eye. Riddle surprises Morrison with a fisherman’s buster. Both men are down in the center of the ring. Riddle rolls out of the ring and hits Corbin with one of his flipflops again.

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