WWE Will Now Enforce Mask Policy At All Tapings


Photo Credit: WWE, WWE Logo

After months of denying the inevitable amidst a surge of new cases in the Sunshine State, WWE will now have their audience and staff wear masks during their tapings. PWInsider is reporting that WWE has a policy in place that enforces that everyone at the tapings will now wear masks except for the wrestlers performing on camera. That includes the audience members and staff backstage, and there will be an increasing fine to those who do not wear masks.

This puts the pressure on AEW to institute a similar policy for their TV production. While they’ve never restricted masks like WWE, they’ve also had much more stringent testing procedures in place. They’ve also avoided an outbreak in their ranks, which WWE cannot claim. Still, it would likely be a good move on the company’s part to lead by example to a populace that seems to think that masks are a restriction on their civil rights rather than a necessity of the times we’re all living in.

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