Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Triple H & Chyna Elite 2-pack In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take an in-depth look at the new Mattel WWE Triple H & Chyna Elite 2-pack.

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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Packaging

Chyna and Triple H come in the Elite 2-pack style packaging, but this one is all decked out in D-Generation X colors, logos and more. It has the “First Time in the Line” logo on the front as it is Chyna’s first figure in the WWE line. The box is green and white with the two figures seen side by side in the plastic bubble. Both sides have photos of them, one side close up and the other based on their in-ring appearance. The back showcases both of them again as well as has a brief summary about their career in WWE.

Triple H

Triple H comes with a fabric, green robe with a pattern on it. The sleeves are partially rolled up and the collar is folded over as well, which looks great. It even has a velcro piece in the front to hold it closed. Once you remove Triple H from his robe you can see his black tights with the blue accents on his inner thighs. He also has his old Triple H logos on his knee pads followed by his black, laced boots. Triple H features a younger head scan as well as this is based on his Attitude Era days with Chyna. He also comes with swappable, open hands to do a DX taunt.

Overall, Triple H is nice. The robe really makes it for me honestly as it’s pretty much a repaint of an old Elite figure of his from way back. It still looks nice though and is great for those whom may have missed out on the old one in a similar attire. The robe really looks great though as Mattel knocked that out of the park.


Chyna is obviously the main reason anyone will pick up this set as it’s her very first Elite and Mattel figure and it is awesome at that. She has her straighter hairdo with the bangs over her forehead. She features her dog collar, her black tank top as well as her pants with the handcuffs/studded belt with the sides with slits going down the legs. Chyna has a ball-jointed chest-joint, too, which give her extra posing ability. Not to mention she has her combat-style boots with the tongue hanging down and buckles on the sides. Mattel gave her painted fingernails, her back shoulder tattoo and muscular arms with larger hands. She also comes with swappable fist hands and the European Title and Winged Eagle Title belts.

Overall, this figure honestly is fantastic. I think Mattel went all out with her first figure and I love it as it reminds me of growing up during the Attitude Era. The detail on her is fantastic, from the dog collar to her belt on her pants to her drooping shoe tongues on her boots. I love she has muscular arms and larger hands as well as it truly captures her properly at that time of her career. I highly recommend picking the set up for her as it’s totally worth it.


As mentioned this set is really nice, mainly for Chyna alone but the Triple H is nice, too. Both figures are well done and the cloth robe for Triple H is a great bonus. If you never obtained these title belts that’s another bonus as well. Do pick this up while you can as being it’s Chyna’s first figure it will definitely be sought after. Her figure may even be a candidate for best figure of the year in my opinion.

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