The Blue Meanie Debuts Episode One Of ‘Meanie Toons,’ Rusev Shares How He & Lana Started Dating

The Blue Meanie

The Blue Meanie Debuts Episode One Of ‘Meanie Toons’

The Blue Meanie always stays busy in South Philly and his latest project displays that “Da Blue Guy” can get pretty animated from time to time.

Meanie and his Mind Of The Meanie co-host Josh Shernoff put their podcast to life by animating a story Meanie told about a 13-hour car trip that included Al Snow. Episode one is titled “Highway To Smell” and one can only guess what the subject matter is. Check out the clip below and be sure to subscribe to Meanie’s YouTube Channel!

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Rusev Shares How He & Lana Started Dating

Rusev took to his YouTube channel to answer fans questions and was asked about the first time he happened to ask out Lana. Rusev ends up giving the details but does start the story off stating that he never had plans to date her whatsoever.

“I never wanted to date CJ. So I was working there and I was specifically focused on my wrestling. I did not care about any of the new woman. I did not want to have anything to do with new recruits old recruits. I did not want to date anybody at work. I was strictly focused on working and that’s it.” Rusev adds that it was his current roommate at the time who was really into her.

“Honestly, I thought she was out of my league,” he added. Check out the clip below: