AEW Fyter Fest 2020 Night 1 Results

Photo Credit: Joao Ferreira / AEW

MJF & Wardlow vs. Jurrasic Express

Jungle Boy and MJF start out hot and heavy before Wardlow gets involved to put the heels in control. There has been a long heat spot on Jungle Boy who gets a brief hope spot but the referee is unable to see the hot tag to Luchasaurus oh, the spot doesn’t go over nearly as well without a traditional audience in the crowd.

Maxwell gets a count of two on Jungle Boy before tagging Wardlow in. Ultimately, Jungle Boy would finally make it past the handicap circumstances to make the tag to his giant dinosaur of a tag partner who makes quick work of the heels for a brief time before the action settles down.

Luchasaurus and Wardlow have a brief exchange with Chris Jericho refers to on commentary as King Kong versus Godzilla. Both men make tags to their smaller partners and jungle boy Begins the high impact offense on Maxwell Jacob Friedman, nailing three suicide dives. Wardlow gets involved but would end up on the receiving end of a tope from Luchasaurus. Jurassic Express would hit their tag team finisher but before they could pin Maxwell, Wardlow would break it up.

Wardlow would hit a step up rana on Saurus before being hit with a poison hurricanrana from Jungle Boy. All men nip up and the action breaks down as Marko stunt gets involved.

MJF only got a two-count after low-blowing the dinosaur and trying to roll him up Wardlow would end up getting a 2-count after a senton bomb. Maxwell accidentally hit Wardlow with the diamond ring and then Wardlow would be on the receiving end of a combination attack before getting pinned by Luchasaurus.

WINNER: Jurassic Express.

Great opening match for AEW but it definitely feels like they’re already trying to split Wardlow and Maxwell. Chris Jericho is doing a wonderful job on commentary hyping up both the promotion and the fact that it is Canada Day.

Back from commercial, AEW announces the first-ever puppy battle royal, which will take place after next week’s event.

Joey Janela and Lance Archer would be shown brawling in the crowd, they will also fight next week.

The Women’s Championship match is next.

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida © vs. Penelope Ford

The referee immediately kicks out Kip Sabian. The first part of the match was all champion, but Penelope Ford would be on offense heading into commercial. Back from break, there would be a strike-fest between both women. Shida would get a 2 count and hit the Falcon Arrow which would be countered into a pending combination by Penelope who would also only get a 2. Ford would then get another 2 count off a Stone Cold Stunner.

Penelope teased going out to get the championship and why all the referee prevented her, Kip Sabian came back with a kendo stick and got beaten for his trouble. Penelope would hit a handspring Ace Crusher for another near-fall before the champion got a tremendous nearfall with a Falcon Arrow and ultimately retained the championship with her running knee finisher.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida

Jake Hager is out with his wife and he’s ready to try to wrestle away the championship from Cody.

AEW TNT Championship: Cody © vs. Jake Hager

Old school WCW Great American Bash logo style t-shirt from Cody, which may or may not be a reference to the creation of his father’s that is currently having its own 2020 iteration being presented by NXT.

During the introductions, Justin Roberts announces that this match has a 20-minute time limit.

Cody tries to bring the heat to Hager but Hager overpowers him. Cody gets a two-count on a sunset flip. Throughout the match Jake Hager goes after Double-A. Cody tries to save Arn and Hager nails him with a release German suplex on the arena floor

Hager gets Cody in the ankle lock and Cody gets to the ropes a short time later, Catalina interferes and she slaps Cody. Anderson argues with the ref and Dustin Rhodes interferes to hit Hager, Hager recovers and he nails Cody with a uranage. Hager goes for an arm-triangle choke and Cody counters with a pinning combo for the win.


Private Party vs. Proud N’ Powerful

A good back-and-forth match between both New York teams ultimately, Private Party would pick up the surprise win with the Gin and Juice.They celebrate with the baby faces ringside including Faye Jackson and who was in the audience.

WINNERS: Private Party

Orange Cassidy who came out early in the match attacked Chris Jericho with a chair and then there was a pull-apart.

Mox vs. Cage is moved to two weeks from now. That Dynamite is now “Fight For The Fallen”

AEW Tag Team Championship: Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs. Best Friends

Best Friends were driven to the ring by Trent’s mother. Early on, FTR came out to get an up-close-and-personal view. Best Friends would get great near Falls off of their finishers But ultimately it would be a buckshot Lariat scoring the victory for the tag team champions.

FTR came to the brain and offered the champions a couple of beers, Kenny dumped his which almost led to a fight before the Young Bucks came to break it up. Interestingly, Adam was on the side of FTR throughout the closing segment.


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