Mance Warner Getting His Own Light Beer In 2021, WWE Celebrates 25 Years Of Isaac Yankem DDS

Mance Warner

Photo Credit: MLW

Mance Warner Getting His Own Light Beer

Mance Warner sure loves his light beers, baby, and guess what? The Bucksnort Brawler soon enough will be getting his own brand of that sweet, cheap nectar. MLW CEO Court Bauer revealed yesterday that in 2021, the wrestling world will be introduced to Mancer Light.

Come next year, Mance and you will be able to stock your fridge up with Mancer Light, but in the meantime, Ol’ Mancer shared exclusively with WrestleZone which brewskis he was tipping back in his fridge.

“When I look in here I got a couple Coors Lights so that means I would’ve bought about 12 of them a couple nights ago and then I got…what the hell’s back there? I’m thinking there’s a Keystone sittin’ back there with those and then Natural Light. I’m always gettin’ Natural Light beer man cause they’re always cheap, you can go get six tall boys for a couple bucks and they always got them deals on a big ass case of them and shit so I’m the king of going in and buying a whole bunch of beer and got em all thrown in there. Call them the leftover shotgun shells.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Mance below:

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WWE Celebrates 25 Years Of Isaac Yankem DDS

It’s been a full quarter of a century since Jerry Lawler introduced us to his diabolical dentist, Isaac Yankem DDS, but his methods live on through such “Roll Models” as Britt Baker. WWE shared a video celebrating the odd jobs of wrestlers we’ve seen come across our television screens over the company’s existence.

In honor of the 25-year anniversary of Isaac Yankem DDS’ debut, take a nostalgic look back at Superstars with odd jobs.