Angel Garza Walks Out On Andrade, Costs Him Handicap Match With The Big Show

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This week on WWE RAW, The Big Show faced Angel Garza and Andrade in a handicap match. Earlier in the show, Andrade and Garza barely put aside their differences in order to defeat The Viking Raiders.  The Big Show was fired up, and he rocked Garza with a massive chop early in the match. The World’s Largest Athlete overpowered Andrade and chopped him too. Garza finally managed to gain the upper hand by attacking The Big Show’s knee.

Andrade tagged himself in, which kickstarted another argument between the partners. Garza walked to the back and distracted Andrade. The Big Show capitalized by pinning Andrade with a chokeslam. After the match, The Big Show dropped Andrade with a Knockout Punch.

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