Ric Flair Says Randy Orton Will Take Down The Big Show, Tensions Remain High Between Andrade And Angel Garza

Ric Flair

Photo Credit: WWE

Ric Flair Says Randy Orton Will Take Down The Big Show

This week on WWE RAW, The Big Show called Randy Orton to the ring. He dared the Legend Killer to try him. Instead, Andrade came to the stage wit Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. The giant warned them not to mess with him. Garza pointed out that he and Andrade outnumbered the big man. Vega offered to do Orton a favor by showing The Big Show what happens when he disrespects Andrade and Vega. Ric Flair came to the stage and said he had to talk to The Big Show. Flair again called Orton the “greatest wrestler alive today,” and warned The Big Show that Orton will take him out when he wants to. Garza and Andrade were about to attack The Big Show, but the Viking Raiders came to the ring to even the odds.

Tensions Remain High Between Andrade And Angel Garza

This week on WWE RAW, The Viking Raiders faced Angel Garza and Andrade. Last week, Andrade and Garza attacked the Raiders’ friends, The Street Profits. Ivar and Erik used their size and strength advantage to gain the upper hand early on. The former WWE RAW Tag Team Champions showcased their chemistry, like whenn Erik slammed Ivar onto Garza. Andrade took control of the match and double-teamed Ivar with Garza. Erik floored Garza with a right hand. Andrade and Garza argued, and Andrade walked toward the back. Vega talked to Andrade and convinced him to return to the match. Erik floored the former WWE United States Champion with a knee to the head. Ivar tagged in and cleared house. Garza hit a dropkick when Ivar attempted a back handspring elbow.

Erik slammed both of his opponents, but Andrade escaped the Viking Experience. Garza shoved Erik into the ring post and dropped Erik with a rolling elbow. Garza pinned Erik with a Wingclipper. Andrade then walked to the back by himself.

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