Dual Contract Signing Leads To Brawl, Dolph Ziggler To Pick Stipulation For WWE Championship Match

dolph ziggler

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

This week’s episode of WWE RAW was scheduled to begin with a double contract signing for the respective WWE Championship and WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship matches at WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show. Sasha and Asuka brawled as soon as the show began, but host Samoa Joe and security officials restored order. Ziggler and McIntyre came to the ring. Ziggler repeated his claim that McIntyre is the WWE Champion because of him, and that he’d be nothing without Ziggler. The challenger promised to keep doing what he does best: survive. “I created you, and at Extreme Rules: Horror Show: I will destroy you,” said Ziggler. He and McIntyre signed the contract.

McIntyre recapped his history with Ziggler. He said he knows why Ziggler needs to be the champion. “You’ve never been the center of attention you’ve always dreamed of being,” said McIntyre. The champion said Ziggler always drops the ball. He vowed to beat Ziggler and allowed him to pick the stipulation. Asuka cut off the conversation, yelled at Banks and signed her contract. Banks called herself the blueprint and said she’ll become Two Belts Banks. “We are taking over the whole damn company,” said Banks. The brawl between Banks and Asuka restarted, and Ziggler dodged a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. The champions then posed with their belts.

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