Mick Foley Tips Hat To Undertaker After Anniversary Of ‘Game Changing’ Hell In A Cell Match

Mick Foley

Photo: Dominic DeAngelo

You cannot clear your mind of The Undertaker without first thinking of Mick Foley, particularly because of the always talked about Hell In A Cell bout that took place in King Of The Ring 1998.

It was 22 years ago yesterday when Foley took those famous falls from atop of the Cell and with Undertaker recently making note of a retirement, Foley took to Facebook to pay tribute to Taker and his potential “last ride” in the wrestling ring.

Foley states that his career changed because of that match and in turn, his life as he shows appreciation for the man we recently got to know more of in Mark Calaway.

“My #HellInACell match with The Undertaker took place 22 years ago today – June 28, 1998. My life would not have been the same without that match, or without Taker himself being part of it. Some very wise people warning me against making that move to WWE, and warning me against that first program with #TheUndertaker when I made my #WWE debut in 1996. Instead, having the honor to work with him turned out to be a game changer, and a life changer. #ThankYouTaker.”

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