Baron Corbin Reportedly Unhappy With Planned Matt Riddle Feud

King Corbin

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Sources speaking with Sportskeeda today have revealed that current SmackDown King of the Ring Baron Corbin is rumored to be upset with the plans for him to face Matt Riddle in the near future. WWE has seemingly been planning Riddle’s first feud for some time, as The Original Bro was the man who eliminated Corbin from this year’s Royal Rumble. While Riddle has been in on these plans “for several months”, the King only found out about his upcoming storyline in the last week.

This has angered Baron, and he has insisted that Riddle should have to “beat five enhancement talents before getting the chance to face him.” This comes after the NXT standout and former MMA star defeated former WWE Champion AJ Styles in his first main roster bout, a clear sign that he’s above facing The Brooklyn Brawler in the eyes of management.

Corbin himself could use the boost, as he hasn’t had an in-ring victory since breaking a mirror at WWE Headquarters during the Money in the Bank match. It’s obvious that WWE has big plans for Riddle, while Corbin has seen his stock drop considerably in recent times. Because of this, it’s unclear if Corbin truly has the clout to force Riddle to jump over those hurdles. Even if he does, the outcome is probably set in stone.

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