More Backstage Details On WWE Testing For COVID-19, If Talent Is Aware Of Positive Cases

WWE Performance Center

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

When it comes to news about the COVID-19 outbreak in WWE, it seems that WWE personnel may be in the same boat at the general public. Fightful published a report earlier today detailing the scene inside the company. They state that several members of the roster reached out with questions, with one even saying that the news site would “know better than them” when it comes to COVID news. Wrestlers have reportedly not been told who has tested positive or is likely to have the disease, a far cry from the first infection a few months back.

NXT Performance Center talents were sent the following message Thursday morning, indicating that WWE is still trying to go ahead with filming despite the positive tests:

“Per Vince, ALL Talent are needed for TV on Friday & Saturday. Please go to PC by 10:30 AM TODAY for drive-through COVID testing. if you took test yesterday, you don’t need to today. If you are in high level storyline, you will be off camera. Thanks. **IMPORTANT: after test, you will need to remain ISOLATED AND QUARANTINED until after the TV tapings.”

There were talents who missed this testing window who are now waiting for a new opportunity to get tested. There are also talents who have expressed a desire to stay home because of the positive results. Sources indicate that those talents were urged to come in to attend the tapings despite that.

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