Cody Doesn’t Hold A Grudge Over Great American Bash, Focusing On Fyter Fest

Cody Rhodes

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Great American Bash is both the name of WWE’s two-night NXT special going up against AEW’s Fyter Fest and a classic WCW show defined by, among others, Dusty Rhodes. It’s one of several past events in WCW history that are fair game thanks to trademarks, and some fans feel that this is wrong. That includes Dusty’s daughter Teil, who called out WWE on social media and asked them to cut a check to her family for using the vintage PPV name.

When a fan tagged Cody in a response to that post, Cody took the opportunity to tell his side of the budding controversy.  He says he doesn’t hold a grudge against his former employers for the loss of the Bash name and instead wants to keep the focus on what his company is presenting over the next two weeks.

My focus has to be on our show and talent. Making it fun, making it violent, making it memorable.

Fyter Fest is a two-night event airing on TNT starting this coming Wednesday. Among other matches on the first night, Cody will face fellow WWE veteran Jake Hager in a match where his TNT Championship is on the line.

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