Lucha Bros Post Photos From Florida, Could Be Bound For Dynamite

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

If you can remember AEW storylines before the global pandemic changed everything, Pac and the Lucha Bros had just teamed up to form the Death Triangle. Unfortunately, due to the world-changing events, we haven’t seen that faction develop to their full potential as of yet. Besides a few video clips, all three members have been off TV due to travel restrictions and their residence outside the United States.

We’ve seen many other talents return to Dynamite that stayed away during the initial outbreak, and now the Lucha Bros may join them. In dual posts to their Instagram stories, both Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix have revealed that they’re flying into Florida today, likely to join in on the AEW Dynamite tapings. While this footage is temporary by its very nature, astute fans captured the footage and shared it on their Twitter pages.

Does this mean that PAC will also be inbound for this week’s AEW program? Will the Death Triangle factor into Fyter Fest over the next two weeks? We’ve likely only got a few hours to find out one way or the other.

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