Is the Undertaker Done For Good In WWE? (WrestleZone Podcast)

WrestleZone continues to the follow the #SpeakingOut movement against sexual misconduct within the wrestling industry on today’s podcast. How does this important issue continue to develop?

Inside the ring, the Undertaker declared he has no desire to get back in the ring on the final episode of his docu-series ‘the Last Ride’. So is it really the end? If not, what’s the next big match for the Deadman?

Join WZ’s Dominic DeAngelo and Kevin Kellam for these topics and your questions.

Is the Undertaker truly done in WWE? WRESTLEZONE.COM

Is the Undertaker truly done in WWE? Latest news on WrestleZone PodcastWRESTLEZONE.COM

Posted by WrestleZone on Mandatory on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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