WATCH: Zicky Dice, Ricky Starks Featured In The Premiere Of ‘What’s In The 7anny Pack!?!’

Zicky Dice, Ricky Starks and Buddy Royal star in ‘What’s In The 7anny Pack!?!’, a parody of the iconic final scene in the 1996 film Seven. 

Filmed & Edited by Scooch

Music by Brook Munro

Production Assistants: Christopher Mariscal & Patrick Andrews

An 1134 Films Production

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Zicky Dice recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about all things NWA and beyond, and the “Outlandish” champion took some time to praise the man he beat for the title, Ricky Starks.

Starks signed with All Elite Wrestling last week after a TNT Championship match with Cody Rhodes on Dynamite. Zicky was just getting started in his feud with Starks over the NWA World Television Championship, but Starks left the company last month as a free agent before things really took off.

“I will say I’m a little bummed about Ricky Starks not being part of the NWA right now. I had met Ricky for the first time at NWA; we stayed in the same Airbnb together and we got linked up in this program together. Whatever went on between them is tough for me to deal with, I’m not going to lie to you,” Zicky said. “We became friends and there were only a few people I knew prior to going to NWA—Dave Marquez, Billy Trask and Royce Isaacs, and that’s because I worked for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

“Ricky won’t tell you this, but he loves me and I love Ricky to death. Ricky actually came out, I convinced him to come hang out and he flew from Austin, he came to hang out for 20 hours and flew back. We created and did something awesome, which I will send your way as soon as it’s done, but that’s been a little difficult for me,” Zicky said. “I find comfort in hanging out with Ricky and making friends, I’m still at the bottom of the totem pole in NWA and I know that. I’m still trying to find my comfort zone there. Some may say that I overstepped my boundaries at times, but that’s OK.”

Zicky has been a regular fixture on NWA Powerrr and the new Carnyland series this year but mentioned he’s bummed that he won’t get to finish his feud with Starks at this time. Starks told Busted Open Radio that if there’s anyone he could sell tickets with, it’s him, and it’s a claim that Zicky also firmly believes.

“Whatever’s going on with wrestling now and when it starts back up, you never know. I do wish Ricky the best from the bottom of my heart. He is a mega-star,” Zicky said. “I will say that right here, right now. Definitely keep an eye on Ricky Starks and give that dude all your love and support. The chemistry between us, it was yin and yang. It was bound to sell, but like I said, I wish him the best. It’s very tough times right now and if wrestling was rockin’ and rollin’ I think it might be a different situation, but we just have to wait for this to clear up and see where we go from there.”


Zicky will also be back tomorrow night with “Outlandish Zicky Dice’s Outlandishly Entertainment Broadcast Extravaganza LIVE!