Apollo Crews Refuses MVP’s Offer, Gets Attacked By Bobby Lashley After Successful Defense


Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

MVP once again tried to recruit Apollo Crews into his fold but the United States Champion declined.

After telling MVP that he’ll be a fighting champion, the veteran wrestler showed his prowess by distracting Crews and allowing challenger Shelton Benjamin to blindside him. MVP gave Crews advice telling him not to get into two-on-one scenarios and said that his next piece of advice won’t be free.

The match itself wasn’t too difficult for Crews as he defeated Benjamin for the second week in a row. The pin came after a big toss powerbomb. After the win, MVP tried to raise the hand of Crews, who took offense, and then Bobby Lashley came down and locked on a full nelson. It’s clear that Lashley is going for Crews next if he won’t join.

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