ROH Wrestling Results (6/22/20): A Spotlight On Bandido

Bandido previews the next match, a Four Corner Survival match in which he faced off against Caristico, one of his role models.

Four Corner Survival: Bandido vs. Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black vs. Caristico (Replayed From ROH Masters of the Craft 2019)

Caristico takes control with a back-springboard elbow and drops Black with a headscissors. Bandido faces off with Caristico and trades blows with him. Both men do handsprings off the ropes. Black takes Gordon and Bandido down with a springboard clothesline. A springboard dropkick from Gordon sends Black to the outside. Caristico drops Gordon and Bandido with a springboard dropkick. Gordon and Bandido square off in the ring and exchange counters. They’re evenly matched and they reach a stalemate. Caristico and Bandido trade strikes again, and they suplex Gordon into a powerbomb from Black. Black suplexes Bandido and Gordon from the tree of woe. Gordon hits a 450 Splash on Caristico. Black gets a two count after a springboard 450 Splash on Gordon.

A diving double stomp on Bandido gets Black another two count. Black hits a Brainbuster on Gordon. He dives onto Gordon outside the ring. Bandido dives onto both men outside the ring, and Caristico dives onto all of them. Black shoves Caristico into the front row and jumps onto him. Gordon dives from the ring onto all three men in the crowd. Caristico rocks Gordon with a superkick and drops Black with a Destroyer. He powerbombs Gordon onto Black. Bandido hits a moonsault slam on Caristico. Gordon drops Black with a springboard spear. Bandido hits a 21-Plex on Black and Gordon and pins Black for the win.

Winner: Bandido

Bandido recaps his win over Bully Ray and his rise through Ring of Honor.

Bandido vs. Jay Briscoe (Replayed from ROH Global Wars 2019)

Both men lock up and feel each other out. Briscoe drops Bandido with a hurricanrana. Bandido sends Briscoe to the outside with a takedown and dives onto him outside the ring. Briscoe kicks Bandido in mid-air. A Spicolli Driver earns Briscoe a two count. Briscoe sends Bandido crashing into the barricade and floors him with a big boot. He throws Bandido into the barricade two more times. Briscoe suplexes Bandido on the floor. Bandido narrowly avoids getting counted out and rallies with with a big boot. A corkscrew dive gives Bandido some momentum. Briscoe hits a discuss forearm, but Bandido counters a Jay Driller into a roll-up for a two count. Both men trade blows, and they rock each other with superkicks. Bandido drops Briscoe with a pop-up cutter.

Briscoe hits the Jay Driller for a two count. Bandido hits a moonsault fallaway slam for a one count. Briscoe clotheslines Bandido for a two count. Bandido superkicks Briscoe, rocks him with a pump knee and hits an X-Knee. Bandido hits a 21-Plex for the win.

Winner: Bandido

Bandido recaps the formation with his team with Rey Horus and Flamita and their triumph over Villain Enterprises. Bandido thanks the fans.

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