Mattel WWE San Diego Comic Con 2020 Exclusive Revealed (Photos)

Early this morning revealed the Mattel WWE San Diego Comic Con 2020 Exclusive, which is none other than Mr. T himself, fool!

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Mr. T Exclusive Figure

WWE teased clues over the weekend about the big reveal that would be today. One was an old school “First Time in the Line” logo similar to that of the Coliseum VHS tapes as well as a Legends logo over a camouflage background.

Collectors had pretty much figured it out over the weekend as wrestling fans, especially collectors, really know their wrestling history. Now we can all clamor for this new exclusive going up for pre-order later today on!

The figure will costs roughly $30 before shipping with limited quantities available.

Even though the convention was cancelled in-person, there will still be a virtual con at home!

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