Arn Anderson On The Undertaker’s Longevity: ‘He’ll Decide When He’s Done’

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

As a longtime WWE producer, Arn Anderson has had a unique perspective as The Undertaker’s career as progressed. On a recent episode of his podcast, ARN, Anderson discussed the longevity of the Phenom’s in-ring career:

“The one thing I’ve learned is, do not try to outthink a talent on when he decides it’s his turn to return to the business or leave the business because that all lies in him, and you know you can not underestimate a guy’s ability to wanna leave this business under his own terms and get himself well. We’re the greatest rehab patients in the earth. When we get damaged and injured and we go to a doctor, if he puts a six-month window or a nine-month window on a recovery, if it’s nine months, you can bet the guy’s gonna be ready six months. If it’s six months, you can look at it being about four months. We are always ahead of schedule because you have to be. We’re the product. Our body is the product that we’re promoting, and we’re selling to the guy that signs our check, and we have no choice but to get well. It’s not about milking and getting a paycheck and taking as long off as possible. If you’re ta top guy and you’re truly a player or even if you’re a middle guy and you just take pride in your work and you wanna get back as soon as possible, you will get yourself well. So I’ve never taken one of those comments that, ‘Hey, I think ‘Taker’s done,’ or any of that stuff to heart. He’ll decide when he’s done and that’s his option and his option only in my mind.”

The full episode is available here:

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