IWL: Venue Made Us Unbook Pollyanna Because Will Ospreay Was ‘Uncomfortable’ With Her


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IWL has announced on their Twitter that Will Ospreay requested that Pollyanna be pulled from an upcoming event.

IWL revealed on their twitter that shortly after announcing Pollyanna Vs. Renfrew, they received a message from the venue asking them to call and discuss something. They later said that the venue informed them that Will was uncomfortable with Pollyanna being booked for the event.

The venue was told by IWL that Pollyanna would not be pulled from the event, but would not be booked for any future events. The venue told them that it was not an option, and if they did not pull Pollyanna from the show, they would have to find a different venue.

IWL ended their twitter thread by saying, “Will Ospreay, go f*** yourself and your half-arsed apologies.” In the tweets below, you can see a screenshot that was posted by Pollyanna which shows the email that IWL sent when unbooking her from the event.

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