ECW Original CW Anderson Announces His Retirement

In a reality check to any grizzled fans of extreme wrestling in the audience, a man that you might think of as ECW new blood is hanging up the boots. CW Anderson, a mainstay of the Philadelphia promotion’s final years, announced his retirement on Friday. The news broke via a post by AML Wrestling, Anderson’s most recent home promotion.

The last time the average fan may have seen CW was in the revived NWA, where he wrestled on four episodes of Powerrr. CW found success in the NWA in the past, carrying several of their tag team championships and the American Heritage Championship. As far as mainstream wrestling in North America following ECW’s collapse, CW was hired by WWE as part of the ECW revival, wrestling a single match on TV in a losing effort to a young CM Punk. CW also appeared on TNA’s ECW nostalgia show in 2010 and a few B show appearances in losing efforts.

We here are WrestleZone thank CW for the years of entertainment and wish him the best in retirement.

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