Ryback Compares Facing CM Punk To Wrestling A ’90 Year Old Karen’


It’s likely that CM Punk and Ryback aren’t on each other’s Christmas card lists. When Punk left WWE and recorded a tell-all podcast about his time there, he repeatedly brought up Ryback as an opponent he dreaded facing due to how green he was in the ring and his propensity to throw him around recklessly.

Ryback hasn’t been as public, but he obviously holds some disdain if a tweet posted late last night is anything to go by. When asked who his least favorite opponent in WWE was, The Big Guy said that it was Punk, comparing the experience to “working a 90-year-old Karen.”

Even fans of Punk may admit that the man is entitled and somewhat obnoxious, although they may also say he earned that embattled attitude due to the treatment he received in the company. With Punk working for FOX adjacent to the wrestling industry, there may also be some hint of renewed animosity between the two, although it’s entirely possible that Ryback would have also found himself back in WWE in a Nexus reunion had the global pandemic not wiped that off the map.

In any case, if we ever see pigs fly and hell freeze over to allow Punk to actually bring out his wrestling boots, this writer is confident in saying that Ryback may not be far behind.

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