Mark Henry: The Undertaker Belongs To All Of Us

the undertaker

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio earlier today, Mark Henry spoke about The Undertaker, and discussed what he thinks should happen once the legendary wrestler is ready for his final match.

“The Undertaker’s last match, they should allow as many guys as he wrestled to stand on opposite sides of the exit ramp, from the ring all the way up to the gorilla position. Let guys stand there and salute him,” he said. “I’m not talking about just WWE talent, I’m talking about wrestling talent that got to be in the ring with The Undertaker, to allow everyone the opportunity…you name a company, and you allow them to pay homage, that would not hurt your company.”

Henry went on to talk about the ongoing movement in the world today, and tied that into how everyone should stand in solidarity together with each other, and how that could also extend to the world of wrestling. “It’s the same thing that I said about unifying wrestling right now, for the Black Lives Matter, all companies should be able to stand together in solidarity. Black, white, every ethnicity on this planet…I think that we should all be able to celebrate The Undertaker, and I think that we all should be able to stand together in solidarity as wrestlers and wrestling fans for what’s going on in the world today, because we want things to be right, we want people to love each other and to respect each other, and there’s no other way then to speak up for your brother, regardless of what color they are. And I think that’s what’s needed, and to take it back to wrestling, which I always do, is I think that that solidarity of wrestling would work for The Undertaker. He belongs to all of us, I told you, he’s right in the middle on Mt. Rushmore.”

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