USA Network Reportedly Unhappy With Paul Heyman’s Departure From RAW Creative

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Paul Heyman’s most recent tenure as head of RAW’s creative vision was over before it could really get started. While Heyman and Vince McMahon seemed in agreement that RAW needed a long rebuilding phase, the global pandemic shuttered those plans, and now Bruce Prichard rules the roost across the main roster (and possibly NXT as well).

One party who was also in agreement about the changes to RAW before the global pandemic was the USA Network, who hoped that the changes could revitalize the program. They recognized the low ratings, even before the pandemic, but were willing to roll with the punches for the good of the show. According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, network executives found out about the creative change at the top of RAW when fans did, and they weren’t happy about the switch.

RAW ratings were up this week thanks to several returning older stars. However, a large chunk of this audience came from an older demographic than what would be ideal for the program. Whether Bruce Prichard can keep up with the rise in ratings will have to be seen over time.

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