Rey Mysterio On Wanting To Share The Ring, Passing His Legacy Down To His Son Dominik

Rey Mysterio

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In honor of today being “619 Day” we’ve decided to revisit our interview with WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio spoke with WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam about his WWE career and his charity efforts with the “Rey’s Fight For Autism” campaign in 2019. During the call, Rey also spoke about seeing his son, Dominik, breaking into the wrestling business and how he’d like to eventually pass on his legacy to him.

“I’m very blessed to have this second opportunity to be back with the company, and I really came back motivated on a different level. I’m focused on my physique, the way I train, the way I eat, but one of the main reasons is to be able to prepare my son to eventually step in the ring one day.

“I want to have the opportunity to share the ring with him before I at least make an announcement to retire. I think that’s probably the last check on my bucket list, to be able to step in the ring with my son and be next to him when he’s feeling what I’m feeling for the last thirty years.”

A year later, we’ve seen Dominik make a number of appearances on WWE TV, including this week when he attacked Seth Rollins on RAW. Rey Mysterio told Kellam that one of his last ‘bucket list’ items is to have a chance to share the ring with his son before he retires, and added that he wants Dominik to experience the same things he had and he’d also like to pass his legacy and mask on.

Mysterio went on to say that he put a lot of work and sacrifice into getting the ‘Mysterio’ name himself, and he can see a similar path for Dominik once he’s ready to step into the ring. Rey said he’d like to work a tag team match with Dominik before he hangs it up for good, as it’s something he’s dreamed of since the moment his son declared his intentions to become a pro wrestler.

“I can’t even count how many times as a kid that I would cry, I was bleeding, I was injured, but I still worked through all of that to get back in the ring and do what I’m doing now. It cost a price to be who I am, and to be able to see my son grow up in a different style, but to see him grow outside of a professional ring and during his training stages, I see that it’s in the bloodline.

“For me to be able to share the ring and to have a match with him at my side, and just seeing his performance—not in the front row, but in the corner, standing next to him, waiting for him to tag me in—it’s something that once he told me he wanted to break into this business, I’ve imagined that moment ever since.”

Check out the full interview with Rey Mysterio below:

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