New Documentary Of Owen Hart To Be Released In Early 2021; Wife Martha Executive Producing

owen hart dark side of the ring

Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images

Fans recently just witnessed the season finale of Dark Side of The Ring which subject happened to be the tragic death of Owen Hart, but their is another documentary in the works on the late wrestling legend and it is to be executive produced by Owen’s wife, Martha.

According to Screen Daily, the documentary, simply titled Owen, will be distributed by Kaleidoscope, a UK-based sales agency and is currently in production. It will feature interviews from his brother Bret as well as other members of the Hart Family. The piece does say specific wrestling personalities will be named for other interviews in the doc as the months progress, but Owen will feature new archival family footage of the Harts as well. Jo Lewis will be helming the directorial duties.

The Owen Hart episode of Dark Side of The Ring ended up being the highest rated episode of the now popular VICE series which will be brought back for a third season.

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