WWE NXT Results (6/17/20)

Xi Li vs. Aliyah 

As Aliyah is making her entrance, she sees Robert Stone laying on the ground with a brown paper bag with booze in it. Aliyah drags Stone down to ringside to watch the match. Thez press by Aliyah. Li kicks Aliyah into the corner. Aliyah goes up top. Tornado northern lights suplex by Aliyah. Li kicks out. Popup head kick by Li. Li lands a few strikes. Running kick by Li. Stone gets on the apron and flops around like a drunkard. Stone throws up all over the ring. Aliyah rolls up Li for the win.

Winner- Aliyah

Timothy Thatcher gives a lesson in submission wrestling.

Earlier today, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish tell Roderick Strong they have someone he can talk to try to help Strong get back to who he used to be. The doctor is revealed to be Kyle O’Reilly. Strong complains to Dr. O’Reilly that he can’t stop thinking about Lumis staring at him. Strong hates being stared at. O’Reilly says Strong needs to face his fears. Strong needs to face the trunk. Strong is traumatized by being stuffed in a car trunk by Lumis. Cole and Fish try to get Strong to get in a car trunk. Strong runs away.

Backstage. Adam Cole says he isn’t scared of Karrion Kross as he stares at the hourglass Scarlett left in the ring last week. Keith Lee walks in and tells Cole that Kross and Scarlett are correct, Cole’s time with the NXT Championship is limited but it’s Lee who will be taking it from him. Lee smashes the hourglass. Cole smiles and walks away. Lee says “tick, tock”.

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