David Starr Addresses Accusations Of Sexual Abuse

Notable independent wrestler David Starr has been accused of sexual abuse by a past partner in a previous relationship and the polarizing star took to Twitter to address the matter.

A Twitter user with the handle of @slaymysterio (going by the name “tori” – short for Victoria) has released a series of phone screenshots and message correspondence that accuses Starr of non-consensual sexual misconduct. Her series of Tweets come after news stemming from comedian Chris D’Elia’s alleged sexual misconduct with underage girls and are below:











Starr then issued a long statement on the matter, one he claims he wrote a week and a half ago.

“I’ve done plenty of wrong in my life, especially regarding my relationships with my partners. I am not a predator, but I have been an emotionally immature dickhead to my partners. Here’s something I wrote about a week and a half ago since I’ve really began to introspect,” he Tweeted, along with the following four screenshots:


“To be clear, I am not a sexual predator, but I’ve been a dickhead to my partners,” Starr tweeted. I’m owning up to that and taking this time to grow. I will not go on the offensive. I was a cunt to Victoria. I know I’ve been an emotionally immature dickhead to my partners, Victoria especially.

“I can’t take away the lying and cheating. I can’t take away the emotional and mental pain I’ve caused my partners and myself. I can make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’ve accepted my wrongs and whatever those consequences are, no excuses, but I am not a sexual predator.

Victoria then responded by Tweeting, “You keep saying you have apologized but “I don’t remember doing that but I apologize” to the rape is not an apology. You have never apologized, you’ve crawled into other wrestlers dms to muddy my name. You are full of shit and this notes app revelation doesn’t do anything for me.”

Starr then posted this letter to Victoria that he never sent:


WrestleZone will have more on this story as it develops.